Fly Tying

Tying ones own flies and ‘persuading’ fish to take them is one of the great joys of our sport.

Creating the pattern, presenting to the fish, hooking, playing and landing completes a perfect cycle.

The winter months see me tie the majority of my flies, except when I am out, usually on the Test, attempting to persuade the lady of the stream to take my offering. Over the coming months I will be sharing and looking at various patterns and their success rates. Please add your comments and views. Fly dressing is an art and not a science – we all have our own particular ways and methods of tying and fishing – with personal twists on traditional patterns. That, to me, is part of the fun…

I tie primarily to fish but patterns can be tied to order, please contact me to discuss or alternatively visit my store page.

Below is a small selection of my flies tied and available.


Gold Head Pheasant Tail Nymph



Beaded Hares Ear Nymph



Quill Bodied Jig Nymph




Czech Nymph Hydropsyche (Variations available)



Pink & Orange Shrimp



Grey Goose Buzzer/Nymph



Example of various Jig/Bead Head Nymphs



Sets and Boxes 


SIlver Award Set

Many other patterns available, please use the contact section below or my direct email for any requests or questions that you may have.

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