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Grayling Days

Simply stunning

The Grayling, or ‘Lady of the Stream’ is a superb wild game fish indigenous to many of our rivers. They are particularly abundant in our Southern Chalkstreams – my main venues for targeting them.

The season for Grayling aligns with our coarse fishing season. The best time to fish for them is during the Autumn and Winter months – after the trout season has closed – the perfect way to extend your fishing window..

For me this is the best part of the fishing year and the Grayling the best fish in our waters.
They are stunningly coloured and marked, fight well and can be infuriating to catch one minute and much easier the next – this is all part of their charm!


Stunning dorsal fin colour of a chalk stream Grayling

Whether you are new to Grayling fishing, perhaps having never caught them or fished for them before, or wanting to improve your catch rate and results when Grayling fishing, we can tailor a package to suit you. Just get in touch with your specific requirements and we’ll get back to you. We can offer both half days and full days accommodating individual bookings as well as small groups and corporate days.

Recommendations on all aspects of tackle and approach will be provided for your day. We can also provide appropriate, high end tackle for the day if this is required.

Fully certified and insured professional instruction.





The Lady of the Stream

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