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Guiding Service & Accompanied Fishing Days

A tailored guiding service available to cover all aspects of chalk stream and still-water fly fishing. Whether your quarry be trout or, the stunning ‘lady of the stream’, the Grayling, I can offer a superb service on one of the south of England’s beautiful chalk streams or one of the still water venues in the area.

Both full and half days are available covering all techniques and tactics required to successfully stalk, target and catch your desired species. This could include Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout and Grayling – subject to the time of year / fishing season.

Additionally if you have ever wanted to catch coarse fish on the fly, suitable days can also be arranged.

If an accompanied day – where we both fish and look at techniques – as opposed to me guiding and advising – this can also be arranged.

Alex is an experienced guide listed with the Fly Fishers International (FFI) Guides & Outfitters Association.

Simply contact Alex with your specific requirements.

Smallmouth Bass from the N Anna River, Virginia, USA

Prospecting a likely looking run

Large Brown Trout from the Buckinghamshire Wye.

Small wild Brown Trout, also from the Buckinghamshire Wye.

Bosnian Grayling



Big River Test Grayling

Tarpon, Ascension Bay, Mexico

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